SFI-Tech is the exclusive distributor of Neocontrol (Somfy Group) Smart Home Systems in the territory of Canada


Here you'll find more than a beautiful an exclusive set of products, but also an offer that allows remote maintenance, customizable physical and virtual interfaces, pleasant software to interact with, and saves costs and time  in the installation process. 


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Smart Home

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Wireless Interface; Innovative Remote Control; Elegant Design; Trigger 4 scenes; 4 Different Colours; 4x AA Battery; RTN Technology
Box 99 and Box 101
Wi-fi Communication; Unlimited RTN Devices; 32 RTS Channels (Somfy); z-Wave; Native Remote Access; Easy Setup; 8 Infrared; Outputs; Infrared Learner; Audio & Video Control; IP Communication; 3rd Party Motors Control
4.3" Display; Touch Capacitive Buttons; Elegant Design; Tempered Glass Finish; Schedule, Hold, and Holiday modes; Supports 3H/2C systems; z-Wave; AC 24V, 50/60Hz
Slim Touch
Wireless Interface; Touch capacitive buttons; Trigger 6 Scenes; 4 Different Colours; 2x 2032 Battery (lasts up to 2y); RTN Technology; Customizable Buttons; LED Light
In-wall dimmer; 1 Channel
Maximum Power - 2A; Bivolt (110V - 240V); z-Wave; 2 Outputs for Light Switch
Mobile Showroom
1 Box 101; 1 IP Camera; 1 Amazon Echo; 1 Cubee; 1 Slim Touch; 1 Thermostat; 2 lights; 3 Nano Dimmers; 1 Smart Plug; 1 Router; 6 Slim Touch Lids
Mobile Showroom 2
1 Box 99; 1 Amazon Echo; 1 Cubee; 1 Slim Touch; 1 light; 2 Nano Dimmers; 1 Smart Plug; 1 Router; 3 Slim Touch Lids
Mobile Showroom 3
1 Box 99; 1 Amazon Echo; 1 Cubee; 1 Slim Touch; 1 Router; 2 Slim Touch Lids


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