Innovation and differentiation

A Smart Film has a special feature of getting transparent or frost completely.  Our self-adhesive film can be easily applied to an existing glass when a customer does not want to replace the glass.

The basic function of Self-adhesive film is to provide privacy just when needed, allowing the light to pass through.


The film can be applied on Windows, doors, office partitions, bathrooms, conference Rooms, hospitals, clinics, luxury villas, private rooms, optical shutters, security windows, skylights, airports, hotels, restaurants, trains, buses, and much more.

The complete solution in one stop shop.

Self-Adhesive Film, Connectors, Transformers, and partners to provide the Installation.

High Temperature

                 UV Protection

                               Sound Insulation

Technical Specifications

Total light: ON >80% / OFF>50%

Operating temperature: -20 to 70 ( °C )

Haze: ON<6% / OFF>95%

Privacy Distance: 3cm (when OFF)

Anti-UV: ≥98% Sound Insulation: >35dB



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