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Easy and fast, online training provides knowledge to your team wherever individuals are.


The best way to keep the whole team up to date and to ensure the best installation and practices spread efficiently.


*Exclusive for dealers.

Process Implementation

Is automation or  technology something new to your company?

This will not be a problem when bringing one of our products to your portfolio!

SFI-Tech ensures a set of documents (procedures) that assists a smooth process  implementation, covering all points end-to-end.


Every new dealer has a learning curve with the installation team. We're here to ensure you'll get to be an expert in the products you're offering.

On-site or over the phone, SFI-Tech support is not leaving your team alone until feel confident with all the installation.


We're hungry, curious, and can't stop searching about the market and technicalities.



We also love to share knowledge, so feel free to join us in the themed workshops we have during the year.


Keep posted through our Social Media.


About Us

Smart, Friendly, and Innovative Technology

SFI-tech is a distributor of hardware and software in the Canadian smart homes and smart mirrors market.


The SFI-Tech brings the highest technology in hardware and software for home automation that includes less complicated modules, user-friendly software for the end-consumer as well as hardware that allows for remote maintenance. Installation is remarkably easy, saving hours of installation time and also reducing the cost of maintenance.


SFI-Tech brings smart, user-friendly, and innovative technological solutions to our business customers all over Canada. We support the spread of connectivity, interactivity, sustainability, and well-being through high-quality products and service.


Our vision is to be recognized as the easiest and most innovative distributor to work with in Canada, bringing smart, user-friendly, and innovative technologies for our business partners, allowing for thewide spread of green technology throughout our communities.


• Our customers are our priority.

• Honest and transparent, in business and attitude.

• We provide quality and excellence in our products and services.

• Performance and agility are in our veins.

• Innovation is our motivation.

• We strive for a more sustainable world.

• The best way to conduct anything is by setting an example.

• Re-thinking is our daily challenge to make everything simpler.

• Feedback is the best gift we can get.


Head Office

40 Dumart Place

 Kitchener, ON,  N2K 3C7

Showroom (appointments only)

240 Humberline Drive

Etobicoke, ON M9W 5X1

P: +1 800 461 1816


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